Caring for Hearing Aids in Cold Weather Months

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It is official — fall is here! The long summer months came with a whole set of challenges for hearing aids users and we provided tips for getting through the hot, sweaty weather. Now fall has arrived and we are here to fill you in on how to care for your hearing aids during the coming cold weather months. There … Read More

Why Hearing Evaluations Are The New Back To School Necessity

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Back to school season is here! Kids are settling in, meeting teachers, sharing stories about summer with classmates and most importantly gearing up with new school supplies and back to school necessities. Here is why a hearing evaluation should be on that list of school necessities — hearing statistics have gotten much worse. According to The Hearing Health Foundation, 1 … Read More

Annual Resource Fair

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Check out some of the photos from the Annual Resource Fair fair last week! We had such a wonderful time offering residents FREE hearing screenings and hearing information – we cannot wait for our next event!

What It Really Feels Like

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How can an ad create a tearful moment? In Duracell’s new commercial surrounding hearing loss we meet a man named Jim—right in the middle of his hearing loss journey. The world begins to sound fuzzy to him and although he can still hear there are many moments when the message is lost in translation. These moments begin to affect Jim’s … Read More

A Healthy Waistline Could Mean Healthy Hearing

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Hearing loss is a health issue that has many preventable solutions. Although hearing can degrade as we age, there are ways to inhibit hearing loss. But healthy hearing is not all about wearing earplugs at concerts and keeping our earbuds to a safe level, sometimes our hearing health has to do with our overall health. Research has found that being … Read More

Tips to Protect Your Hearing

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Believe it or not, May is already upon us. If the scents and sights of Spring have not captured your attention, surely the sounds have. Chirping birds, chattering neighbors, the crack of a baseball bat–it’s enough to turn an ordinary person into a poet. But please, don’t let loud sounds lead you to preventable hearing loss. Those of us at Wesson … Read More

Snoring and Hearing Loss

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It’s nighttime, you cuddle up into bed in a fresh pair of pajamas and you slowly drift off to sleep. Suddenly you are awakened by the sound of your partner’s loud snoring, but it’s harmless right? Actually, that may not be the case. According to a study from The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) snoring may cause damage to … Read More

Let’s Get This Straight

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Generally speaking, people are afraid of what they don’t know. For many people hearing loss is scary because it is an uncharted territory. There are many misconceptions today about hearing technology and those who experience hearing loss. Many of these myths stem from fear and are not based in reality and that is why we are here to clear up … Read More

Exciting News; New Wesson Location Open for Business!

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New Wesson Hearing Aid Center Location Open for Business Oakdale, California – January 6, 2016 – Wesson Hearing Aid Center opened a new satellite location in Oakdale, California. The Oakdale office will be available by appointment on Wednesdays. The new office is located in the Oakdale Professional Center at 250 S. Oak Avenue, California, 95361, Suite A-4. Wesson Hearing Aid … Read More

Conquering Thanksgiving with Hearing Loss

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Thanksgiving is the time of year when we sit down with our loved ones and celebrate all we have to be thankful for–but what if it is difficult for you to hear your loved ones? Parties with many guests talking at once can be tricky but there are many ways to help eliminate some of the factors that make it … Read More