Caring for Hearing Aids in Cold Weather Months

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It is official — fall is here! The long summer months came with a whole set of challenges for hearing aids users and we provided tips for getting through the hot, sweaty weather. Now fall has arrived and we are here to fill you in on how to care for your hearing aids during the coming cold weather months. There are so many fall and winter activities to partake in, but make sure to protect your hearing aids from the cold temperatures and higher levels of moisture — here’s how.

1. Stay Covered!

It could be rain, sleet, or snow coming your way and one of the most effective ways to protect your hearing technology from the elements is simple — cover up! Your first level of protection is to put something between your hearing aids and the incoming weather. Anything from earmuffs, to hats and even scarves can help shield your hearing aids from moist weather conditions. This simple and easy step of covering up will save you a headache later and help preserve your hearing aids in the months to come.

2. Be Aware of the Moisture

Moisture is your hearing aid’s worst enemy and during winter and fall damage can come in many forms from fog, rain, snow to even simple condensation. The transition from outside to inside temperatures may create moisture within your hearing aids, physical activity may create a lot of sweat when you are all bundled up, not to mention the risks from the elements. The moral of the story is, there are lots of ways to get moisture in your hearing aids, but all you need are some preventative tactics. If the forecast says rain or snow make sure to bring coverage, if you will be doing a physical activity make sure to wear coverage that breathes or wear a sweatband, and getting a hearing aid dehumidifier can help keep your hearing aids dry through the season.

3. Keep Your Batteries Protected

The batteries that live in your hearing devices are just as susceptible to damage from the colder, wetter months as your hearing aids. Make sure to treat them with the same respect! If your hearing aids are acting up one of the first things to check to diagnose the problem is to look at the batteries. During the coming months make sure to keep your batteries out of especially low temperatures and keep them dry!

More than anything you need to grab your hearing aids, get out there and experience the beautiful, cold weather and all the activities that go along with it! Do not let the harsh weather of fall and winter stop you from being part of your community, having fun, and living your life!