Doug Wesson is a winner of Oticon’s Focus on People Awards

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2017 Oticon Focus on People Awards Honor Doug Wesson of Manteca, CA Doug Weston, BC-HIS, ACA of Manteca is among three outstanding hearing care professionals honored by the 2017 Oticon Focus on People Awards in the Practitioner Category. The national competition, now in its 19th year, celebrates hearing-impaired students, adults and advocacy volunteers and dedicated hearing care practitioners who have … Read More

Tips to Protect Your Hearing

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Believe it or not, May is already upon us. If the scents and sights of Spring have not captured your attention, surely the sounds have. Chirping birds, chattering neighbors, the crack of a baseball bat–it’s enough to turn an ordinary person into a poet. But please, don’t let loud sounds lead you to preventable hearing loss. Those of us at Wesson … Read More

Exciting News; New Wesson Location Open for Business!

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New Wesson Hearing Aid Center Location Open for Business Oakdale, California – January 6, 2016 – Wesson Hearing Aid Center opened a new satellite location in Oakdale, California. The Oakdale office will be available by appointment on Wednesdays. The new office is located in the Oakdale Professional Center at 250 S. Oak Avenue, California, 95361, Suite A-4. Wesson Hearing Aid … Read More

Just what is going on inside our ears?

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You may already know that hearing doesn’t happen in the ear–it happens in the brain. The ear is merely the apparatus that relays information to the brain to decipher into recognizable sounds. But that doesn’t mean the ear isn’t incredibly complex. The smallest bone in the human body can be found in the ear. And the delicate hairs that line the cochlea are … Read More

Common Signs of Hearing Loss

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There has been a great shift in how society views hearing loss. Not long ago it was thought of as a disability or a sign of aging. Even President Reagan initially used his hearing aid only in private, over concern with appearing too old for office. Now our culture sees hearing loss more accurately: that it affects all ages and … Read More

How Should I Choose a Hearing Aid Provider?

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It’s a story we hear often. A concerned son or daughter brings their parent into a big-box hearing aid center, only to be disappointed by the experience. By the time they leave our office they are in awe—they had no idea there would be such a big difference between a cheap solution and an independent establishment. Per the request of … Read More

Unilateral Hearing Loss

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Many times hearing loss is associated with a gradual decline of hearing, but what happens when hearing significantly decreases in just one ear? This issue—called unilateral hearing loss—affects people from a broad range of lifestyles. Dramatic or gradual loss of hearing in one ear can be a symptom of several different problems. Sudden loss of hearing in one ear can … Read More

The Greatest Gift for Our Loved Ones: Encouraging a Strong Quality of Life

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If you begin to google “new year’s resolution to…” the top 5 suggestions will be: lose weight get a boyfriend be happy exercise love By this measure, it would seem that health and relationships are most on our minds during the turn of the year. That’s no surprise given the deluge of holiday sweets and family togetherness. Even if we … Read More

Community Music Programs Enhance Brain Function in At-Risk Children

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Two years of musical training improves auditory brain function. EVANSTON, Ill. – A new Northwestern University study provides the first direct evidence that a community music program for at-risk youth has a biological effect on children’s developing nervous systems. Two years of music lessons improved the precision with which the children’s brains distinguished similar speech sounds, a neural process that is … Read More