Congrats to Julia Our New Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

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Among the hard working staff at Wesson Hearing Aid Center is the incredible and studious Julia Turner. While working a full time job and caring for her two boys, she has been working towards another certification to improve the level of service she provides her patients. So what exactly does it mean to be a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (BCHIS)?

To understand what passing the BCHIS test means we need to back up a little bit. Before she received this new certification Julia had her California Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser (CLHAD) certification which allowed her to dispense hearing aids, do hearing tests, and take ear impressions in the state of California. The BCHIS is a step above because it is nationally recognized and in Julia’s words, “it gives you a higher status of certification, it gives you a higher level of professionalism, and it gives your patients more confidence in what you are doing.” But what led Julia to the next step in her career?

When Julia received her Hearing Aid Dispenser’s License 5 years ago she knew her ultimate goal was to become Board Certified. Every day she came in to Wesson Hearing Aid Center to work she was training for her certification, but largely in the last six months she has hit the books to complete focused preparation for testing. “So if you can imagine I work all day,” Julia explains, “I go to work, I come home, kiss my kid and my husband, go to the gym, come home after they go to bed around about 8:30/9pm, and study for about 1-2 hours. I was determined.” Despite her dedication to the Board Certification life threw a few things her way the week of the test.

One week before the test Julia’s older son who is in the Navy under way (out on a destroyer ship), called her to tell her he had the flu and was extremely sick which meant she had him to worry about with the test looming. She was also called in to jury duty that same week and if she was chosen for the case she would have missed her test. Fortunately the case was settled out of court so all the jury members were dismissed. Unfortunately with all the chaos that week she felt like all the studying she did had just flown out the window. Right before the test was about to begin Julia recalls, “I just sat down and said a little prayer and thought, ‘I know what I know and I’ve been doing this for 7 years, I am going to pass this test!’”

Naturally with all the preparation Julia had completed over the past six months and the last several years, she passed with flying colors! Now she has advice for all those individuals out there who are experiencing hearing loss. “Stop being afraid.” She wants everyone out there to know that it is not as scary as you think, it’s okay to not be okay, and it’s good to have questions. “Just make the call, don’t be afraid. You are worth it. Yes, hearing aids cost money just like everything else in life, but your family wants to communicate with you so value yourself enough to come in!”

These are wise words from someone who has seen patient after patient benefit from treating hearing loss. If you think you may be experiencing any level of hearing loss call us today and schedule your free hearing evaluation. Don’t wait another day to make your life better!