Doug Wesson is a winner of Oticon’s Focus on People Awards

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Focus on People2017 Oticon Focus on People Awards Honor Doug Wesson of Manteca, CA

Doug Weston, BC-HIS, ACA of Manteca is among three outstanding hearing care professionals honored by the 2017 Oticon Focus on People Awards in the Practitioner Category. The national competition, now in its 19th year, celebrates hearing-impaired students, adults and advocacy volunteers and dedicated hearing care practitioners who have helped to demonstrate through their accomplishments and contributions that hearing loss does not limit a person’s ability to make a positive difference in the world. People from across the US cast thousands of votes online at to determine this year’s winners.

“Hearing care is a profession that requires a level of caring and understanding that goes well beyond technical and audiological skills,” said Nancy Palmere, Director of Consumer Marketing and Public Relations for Oticon, Inc. who heads up the awards program. “Winners in the Practitioner category, like Doug Wesson, stand head and shoulders above the rest in their commitment to making the world a better place for people with hearing loss.”

Doug Wesson’s 38 years in private practice as a hearing healthcare provider has required him to transform at times into a “psychologist and family counselor” to help individuals identify and accept treatment for their hearing loss. Doug is also a humanitarian who has participated in numerous mission projects at home and abroad. He has worked to improve the lives of people with hearing loss in impoverished communities and has helped to build and support orphanages in Romania, Africa and the Dominican Republic. Doug was exposed to a virus more than 20 years ago that left him with a severe hearing loss and uses hearing aids. He understands the emotional and psychological trauma and denial that often come with hearing loss. This common connection allows him to better detect and successfully treat those who come to him for their hearing healthcare needs.

The Oticon Focus on People Awards program was created in 1997 by Oticon, Inc., one of the world’s oldest and most respected hearing instrument manufacturers.  Through the national competition, Oticon, Inc. aims to call attention to common misconceptions about hearing loss and motivate people with hearing loss to take advantage of the help that is available to them. The company’s goal is to reach out to the 80 percent of an estimated 48 million Americans who could benefit from hearing solutions, but who fail to seek professional help.

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