Enjoying Halloween with Your Hearing Technology

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Image of young vampire man with blood and fangs in black halloween costume listening with hand at his ear isolated over red wall

Fall is a special time of year. Between the pumpkin spice lattes and the spooky house decorations October can really get us in the mood for Halloween. There are some of us though that need to think about celebrating the holiday fun with hearing aids. From the loud party environments to the costumes and trick-or-treating it can become tricky to hear what is being said. We have a few helpful tips we think might make this Halloween the most enjoyable one yet!Check the weather.

1.Check the weather.

A simple, but effective tip. If you check to see the weather conditions before leaving the house you can avoid a hassle later on by being prepared. Moisture can cause complications with hearing aids so if the forecast is showing any signs of a downpour, be sure to bring along an umbrella or jacket. Being prepared is the number one way to protect your hearing technology on Halloween night.

2. Think about your costume.

Try on your costume before you decide it is the perfect one. Some outfits involve wigs, hats, crazy earrings or other headwear which might get in the way of your hearing aids. Try on your entire costume and see how it goes before wearing it out for the night. This will ensure that you can hear everyone while you are treating-or-treating with the kiddos or mingling at a party. Some individuals even deck out their hearing technology in order to incorporate them into the costume—do not be afraid to get creative!

3. Keep an eye out for loud noises.

Halloween is full of loud festivities. Everything from blaring music to the blasting sound effects of a haunted house can affect our hearing. If you feel like your ears are getting uncomfortable there are a few things to do. First, just turn down your hearing aid volume and enjoy the holiday on low-volume. Second, if you are at a party, move throughout the space to avoid long exposure to loud noises. Third, have your own quiet place. If you find that your ears are getting tired of all the loud noises, simply step outside or away from all the commotion and take a second to decompress. It is your Halloween, make it enjoyable!

4. Streamline communication.

Haunted houses, carnivals, trick-or-treating and parties are all common Halloween activities that usually involved a lot of chaotic social interactions. The kids are packed full of sugar and bouncing off the walls while costumes can impede communications with others. This can all be aided by streamlined communication. If kids or friends are wearing masks, hearing what they have to say can be impossible even without hearing loss. Ask your loved ones to remove their masks before chatting so you can have a clear conversation. If you are at a party and the music is far too loud, you can always ask the host to turn it down a bit so everyone attending can hear each other better. Finally, if you are taking kids trick-or-treating and they are all talking at once, ask them to take turns so it is easier to hear what each child needs. Overall, we suggest simply communicating what you need. People will be more than happy to make things clearer and easier for you to celebrate this festive holiday.

Having some type of hearing loss should never hold you back from what you want—including dressing up and celebrating the festive holidays like Halloween. Just ask for what you need and be prepared in order to make it simple for you to enjoy whichever Halloween activity you enjoy the most! If you struggle during these holidays to communicate and have not had your hearing checked, you may be dealing with undiagnosed hearing loss. We provide free hearing evaluations—just book an appointment and we will get things cleared up for you. It is never too late to start your journey to healthy hearing!