Getting Used to Your New Hearing Technology

Wesson Hearing Aid CenterBlog

Hearing aids are truly powerful, life changing works of technology, but some people may not know there could be an adjustment period when first wearing new hearing aids. Not only is it something new to wear every day, but your brain is now receiving new sounds and stimuli that has been forgotten over a period of time. We are here to reveal a couple tips for making your transition into better hearing smooth and easy!

1. Know What to Expect

One of the most important steps to adjusting to your new hearing technology is managing your expectations. Remember that your brain has been overcompensating for a while because of the lack of information being sent through the ears. Your brain may have rewired in order to make up for hearing loss. When your brain suddenly receives sounds again, it has to reconfigure a new system to take in the signals it had been without. If you expect there to be an adjustment period, you will have a much easier time with your hearing progress.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice 

This may seem like a simple tip, but it is an important one—practice using your hearing aids. Begin using your hearing aids first thing in the morning and wear them for as long as you can until you can have them in all day long. Try not to take them out, even if you think they aren’t necessary when you are home alone or by yourself. Exposing your ears and brain to various hearing scenarios can help the process go more quickly.

3. Take a Break

With all this practice, you will likely feel tired and trust us, this is perfectly normal. Suddenly you will realize how loud our world is—between the humming of the refrigerator, that co-worker that chews gum loudly, the sounds of nature outside, and the chaos of the road it can feel like an overwhelming place. All the noises and conversations may leave you exhausted, but don’t lose hope! You will get there. If you need to take out your new hearing aids for a period of time feel free to give yourself a little break.

4. Communicate With Us

When you are wearing your new hearing technology pay close attention to the volume and quality of sound in different environments. When you come in for your follow up appointment tell us about what you have been experiencing—both good and bad! It may even be advantageous to keep a journal in order to write down your positive and negative thoughts concerning your new hearing aids. It could help us make adjustments as needed for your preference and lifestyle.

5. Remember to Listen

Time is all you need to adjust to your new hearing devices. After your ears and brain have readjusted, you will be grateful that you took your hearing health into your own hands! After a few weeks what you hear in your hearing aids should be more “natural” sounding and your brain should be reconfigured to accommodate your new technology. But remember, while you may be hearing, it is important to remember that listening is what takes real effort. It is not just the ears that are involved in active listening, but the mind too. Keep working at it and enjoy the new sounds you may have forgotten!