Give Thanks and Do Not Be Afraid!

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Talking about hearing loss can be tricky, what is it we are really talking about when we discuss loss of hearing? Typing “hearing loss” in the search bar on Google can tell us a few things — the most common of which are signs and symptoms of hearing loss. The information given on the internet is mostly about types of hearing loss, tinnitus, and causes of hearing damage. What does this search reveal about the conversation we are collectively having about hearing loss? It tells us that when we talk about hearing loss the conversation is extremely limited.

Not to say that identifying hearing loss and understanding how hearing damage occurs isn’t important, however the topic that is relatively untouched is the fear behind hearing loss. With our ears we can catch the gentle “I love you” from the people who matter most, we can hear the sweet sounds of melodies of the radio, we can bask in the glory of genuine laughter or the hear the calm, pleasant chatter of conversation over a delicious meal. All these things we hear are so incredibly precious and that is why losing those sounds can be so scary — we are afraid of what we don’t know.

When we intake the sounds of our surrounding environments it is more than just a process of vibrations turning into information for our brains to interpret. Drinking in conversation is about more than the systems we have in place that translate voices into an elaborate set of signals that eventually create electrical currents that our brains can understand. Hearing and more importantly hearing loss is about the fear of missing out and the fear of the unknown.

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) around 36 million Americans experience some type of hearing loss. Shockingly, only about 20% of those individuals seek treatment. The problem is that the facts and figures on hearing loss are simply not enough. We talk about the benefits of hearing technologies from depression prevention, to healthier brain function, to simply being able to hear what loved ones are saying at dinner, but the truth is the real hearing loss issue is fear.

We now have the internet at our fingertips and hearing loss has become increasing easy to begin to identify. The truth is that the best way to take away the scary unknown is to come in and find out your hearing health status. We are here to say do not be afraid! There are so many wonderful hearing technology options out there today that we need to celebrate and give thanks for all that can be done. At Wesson Hearing Aid Center we can help to ease your mind and take away your fear. We are here to help you on your hearing loss journey, all you need to do to start your path to a better life is call us today to schedule a free hearing status check. Conquer your fears, give thanks and start living your life to the fullest drinking in every possible sound you can!