Halloween and Hearing Aids

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What is Halloween for but to give kids copious amounts of candy and maybe attending a party with costumes, tricks, and treats! As fun as Halloween can be, it can also present a few challenges for those of us with hearing loss and hearing devices. The children are loaded up with sugar and their high-pitched voices can be even more difficult to understand with the heightened sugar levels.

Not only do the voices become higher, but people’s faces may be hidden by costumes and masks so reading lips can be made far more difficult. If you are at a Halloween party or a holiday carnival, combining the costume challenges and add some loud music and things can become difficult quickly. But do not let that hold you back from venturing out into the world! We have some tips to make this fun, spooky holiday easier for those with hearing aids.

1. Plan ahead. This first one is a simple one but vital to a successful Halloween. If you know where you are going and what to expect, anticipating challenges for the night can help you guide your way through them. Expect the unexpected!

2. The buddy system works — use it! This not only applies to individuals with hearing loss, but to everyone looking to enjoy this holiday. This may seem like a concept from childhood, but it is one of the best solutions for keeping safe this Halloween. Having a buddy who understands your hearing loss can really help — they can help interpret conversations with masked strangers over loud music and you can help keep them safe as well.

3. Be kind to your devices. Start with makeup, then apply wigs and hairspray, then hearing aids. Those little devices you wear are precious and deserve the best treatment. Never put your hearing aids on while you are still getting ready to be your scariest or most creative self. Be sure to keep makeup and hairspray away from your hearing aids keep them safe from damage.

4. Charge your phone before you go. Although this applies to anyone going out on Halloween this especially applies to those with hearing loss. When it is too dark out to read lips and the music is too loud, using your phone to text those you are out with allows for better communication. This way you can feel included and you do not miss anything important! Set a reminder or an alarm to plug in your phone before the night’s adventures begin.

5. If you need a break, take one! There will be so many sounds and so much excitement which can make active listening exhausting — so do not be afraid to relax, sit back, and enjoy the view. When children come to the door on Halloween all they need is a kind face, some candy and a “Happy Halloween!”