Velox: Hearing at the Speed of Sound

Velox technologyVelox™ is the extremely fast, precise signal processing platform that powers Oticon Opn™ and shifts the hearing paradigm to provide meaningful, dynamic sound experiences for listeners.

Technologies powered by Velox enable listeners to quickly locate and focus on sounds in noisy environments while still maintaining the full sound picture. Even in bustling, erratic sound environments, punctuated by multiple speakers, you will be able to quickly process sound sources and confidently participate in social interactions.


Introducing Oticon Opn Ground Breaking Technology
What makes Opn groundbreaking?

  • Processes sound 50 times faster
  • 64 channels
  • Analyzes the environment 100 times per second
  • Handles more than 1 billion operations per second
  • Hears speech from any direction, not just in front
  • Has TWO COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS…one for binaural processing to improve speech understanding in complex listening environments with less fatigue and one for wireless connectivity (using 2.4GHz) to connect to smart devices, your home security systems, kitchen devices, TV, thermostat and car

Come Try It Out
Wesson Hearing Aid Center will be one of the first practices to offer this groundbreaking technology. Call for a FREE demonstration of this incredible new technology, Opn by Oticon. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!