Hearing Technology Reclaims the Holidays

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What a glorious time of year when the weather is chilly, the holiday cheer is at an all time high, and there are many occasions to gather and celebrate with one another! Unfortunately experiencing hearing loss throughout the holidays can be particularly hard to deal with when this season is supposed to be about joy, good memories, and laughter. Although it might be nice to tune out a few relatives, the family members you do want to talk with may be difficult to hear over the noise of the parties and the crowds. This may not only be stressful but it may make it nearly impossible to concentrate on anything.

There are many elements you may be at odds with—the background music, the other people talking around the house and around the dinner table, not to mention sports or movies on in the background. Without having everyone repeat themselves, what kind of options are you faced with? The solution is hearing technology. Over the past few decades hearing aids have improved drastically. Rather than simply making everything around you louder (which makes background noise louder as well which is equally as difficult to understand), contemporary hearing aids have two functions that can save your holiday season—background noise reduction and speech focus.

Background noise reduction has been a giant step in the right direction. Older hearing aids were simple devices which consisted of a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker. Sound was picked up, amplified, and directed through the speaker to your ear. This unfortunately clumped vocalization and background noise together, making it difficult to understand voices. The new digital hearing aids have taken this obstacle on and have overcome it. Modern hearing aids still have a microphone, amplifier, and speaker, but they also have something that was missing from the equation—a digital processor. This new technology makes it so that sound can be converted into digital information the hearing aids can make use of to determine different kinds of sounds.

What does this mean? Hearing aids today are smarter. By identifying different sounds, hearing technology today can be programmed to amplify only sounds with particular properties, especially those frequencies you may have difficulty hearing. On the other hand, background sounds can be identified and turned down.

But that is not all contemporary hearing aids can do. In addition to controlling background noise modern hearing aids can also recognize and focus on speech. Not only that, but digital hearing aids have directional microphones, which can focus on the direction of sound. This makes it possible to hear a loved one at a large dinner table or hear someone from across the room.

Take back the holidays this year! Do not let the fear of the unknown keep you from enjoying this holiday season and connecting with the people you love most. At Wesson Hearing Aid Center we have a try before you buy option — we give you the chance to wear new technology during these challenging listening situations. We will fit you with hearings aids and you can take them home to decide for yourself. Do not wait another day, call us today and we will help you select some incredible digital hearing aids that can help you hear conversations with a whole new level of clarity!