How Should I Choose a Hearing Aid Provider?

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How to choose a hearing aid provider

It’s a story we hear often. A concerned son or daughter brings their parent into a big-box hearing aid center, only to be disappointed by the experience. By the time they leave our office they are in awe—they had no idea there would be such a big difference between a cheap solution and an independent establishment.

Per the request of many of our newer customers, we will review the benefits of choosing a local provider for anyone considering the distinct choices. And it must be said—thank you for doing your research! It is such an important part of selecting the best care for yourself or your family member.

Why should you choose a local provider?

  1. The passion of the practitioner leads to the best care.

Many hearing aid dispensers get into the business because they have had first-hand experience with hearing loss. They understand the struggles and can offer remedies to overcoming this significant life change. These professionals can even attest to the efficacy of the various technologies after having experienced them personally.

There are also great audiologists who have not experienced hearing loss first-hand, but have a passion for what they do and have spent many years honing their craft. Whatever their background, we have found that independent professionals stand out because they truly care about the people that come into their offices;  that dedication extends out to their staff, and ultimately, inspires first-rate health management.

  1. When it comes to your health or the quality-of-life of a loved one, there is no substitute for a warm environment.

The decision to invest in hearing aids can sometimes be difficult, but that process is alleviated when it’s in a place with familiar faces and a comfortable atmosphere.

A hearing aid dispenser’s waiting room is cozy and peaceful. They often provide coffee, reading materials, and accessible parking. The staff greets each person by name and knows their history. We have many customers who truly enjoy visiting our office.

Last weekend I visited a big-box store to help an elderly friend with his shopping. I had to park far away and drop off my friend at the entrance so that he wouldn’t have to struggle through the rain. Inside, the store was crowded and noisy. I wanted to get my dear friend in and out as quickly as possible, as this was not an environment conducive to his lifestyle. I could not imagine bringing him to a place like this to address an important issue like hearing health.

  1. Lastly, there is disparity in selection.

All of the best hearing device brands are available to independent dispensers. At Wesson Hearing Aid Center we offer technology from the leaders in the business, including Oticon, Starkey, Phonak, Resound, Siemens, Widex, Unitron, and others. We are not married to any one brand and will recommend the best fit for you.

New customers sometimes come to us saying how surprised they were when they tried to get hearing aids from Costco. Because Costco has a signature brand, Kirkland, that was the brand their store was suggesting to them. These customers wanted a top-of-the-line hearing device from an established manufacturer and didn’t feel as if their individual needs were being considered.

Many local businesses have satellite offices in order to provide care for those living or working outside of their main office’s area. There is even selection in geographic locations! Wesson Hearing Aid Center has hearing aid offices in Manteca, Tracy, and Ripon.

Wherever you go for hearing aids, keep these things in mind.

You or your loved one should feel comfortable. A poor initial impression of hearing care can lead to a lifetime of undue suffering. If the person feels listened to and appreciated, they will be much more likely to view the experience as positive and will continue to seek solutions to improve their hearing.

Be presented with options. After a hearing evaluation, the professional should give you a thorough explanation of your hearing type and appropriate solutions. They should also provide tips on communication strategies.

Receive thorough follow-up care by someone who knows each customer’s history. Your business is important to us, but your quality of life is the first priority.