How the Modern Era Can Improve Quality of Life for Hearing Impaired Individuals

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While it may sometimes seem like our world has become louder and more frustrating than ever, the modern era we live in provides many advantages to those with hearing loss. The first hearing instrument was the hearing trumpet—a long, funnel-shaped metal tube used to concentrate sounds to the ear. We have come a long way from that bulky, archaic hearing technology of the 19th century. Even in the past few decades hearing devices have come a long way thanks to advances in design, connection, and personalization.

1. Design

The clunky, bulky hearing aids are a thing of the past. Hearing technology has transformed thanks in part to the innovation of the design. There are more options than ever—between in the ear (ITE), completely in the canal (CIC), invisible in the canal (IIC), and behind-the-ear (BTE) designs there is something for everyone! Not only are these hearing devices unbelievably small, they also come in all sorts of colors to add a little style to your look. There is no longer an excuse to avoid hearing devices because of unattractive design.

2. Connection

Bluetooth has revolutionized our connection and communication—it has made hearing technology more accessible than ever. TVs, smart phones, laptops, and cars can connect to Bluetooth and here’s the good news—hearing aids are no exception. There are many phones and entertainment systems that allow Bluetooth streaming directly to your hearing technology. This means there is a direct connection when you are watching your favorite movie or talking to a loved one on your cell phone. You can stream audio straight to your hearing devices without any extra equipment!

3. Personalization

One of the incredible leaps forward with hearing aids is the ability to personalize each pair. Instead of throwing on a standard hearing device and hoping for the best, we now have the ability to cater your hearing technology specifically to you. The multidirectional hearing aids are the solution to complicated hearing loss issues. There are different types of hearing loss and your hearing devices should reflect that. Not only can we personalize your hearing aid settings in our office, but there are some cell phones that allow you to adjust your settings from the comfort of your home. Imagine changing your hearing aid’s volume, treble, and bass all from an app on your smartphone.

Present-day hearing aids have come a long way from the goofy hearing trumpet of years past. Even in the last couple of decades we have made leaps and bounds—today the sound quality has improved, the design is sleek and discreet, and the advanced technology allows for better connection and better hearing. Do not wait another day to start the rest of your life. There is no excuse to put off improving your hearing—it will help improve your life overall! Call us today to set up your free hearing appointment.