Listen Up: The Huge Advantages of Hearing Aids

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At Wesson Hearing Aid Center we are on a mission to remove the stigma of wearing hearing

aids and to reveal the numerous advantages of using new hearing technology.  For

us, hearing health is not just improving hearing but more about regaining the ability

to listen, and listen more comfortably. 

Many people go through life being able to hear but never really learn how to listen. We want the individuals we

serve to improve their hearing in order to regain their ability to listen.

Here are a few other clear benefits of using hearing aids to improve your ability to listen.

1. Decreasing Cognitive Decline

Over the past several years many studies have been conducted and have come to

reveal that untreated hearing loss may lead to an increased risk of developing dementia

and reduced cognitive functioning. One study from the University of Pennsylvania found

that reduced hearing may even accelerate atrophy in the auditory areas of the brain

making speech understanding more difficult. We have good news though — the best

way to prevent this atrophy is to provide continued stimulus to that part of the brain.

New research supports treating hearing loss with hearing aids as a way to combat and slow down

cognitive decline —untreated hearing loss may be more of a threat to your overall health than you


2. Increasing Earning Potential

Studies from the Better Hearing Institute demonstrate that untreated hearing loss can

reduce earnings by as much as $30,000 a year.  Though this seems shocking there is

good news — the very same studies found that correcting hearing loss with hearing aids

reduces the risk of decreased earnings by over 90 percent for people with mild hearing

loss, and nearly 77 percent for those with moderate-to-severe hearing loss.  When you

regain the ability to actively listen at work the desired outcome is attainable—Less misunderstanding,

better communication, less stress and a 20% increase in retaining of information!

3. Decreasing Tinnitus Irritation

A listening disorder that more than 50 million Americans experience is tinnitus —high

pitch ringing, hissing and or clicking noise in the ears that can drive a person crazy.  In many cases,

tinnitus is linked with some type of hearing loss.  For some patients hearing aids can help reduce or

mask the annoyance of tinnitus.  If you experience tinnitus and want relief from its aggravation there is

no reason to wait.  The new hearing aid technology may be just the answer you’ve been “listening” for!

4. Living Better

Improving hearing health and regaining the ability to really listen to friends, family, and

loved ones is truly the way to live a better, fuller life. The Better Hearing Institute found

people who wear hearing aids to correct hearing loss, enjoy a better quality of life

than those who leave hearing loss untreated.  The new hearing technology allows folks to be

more active, gain the ability to listen comfortably and more naturally, communicate better with

people at home and at work, and so much more.  No wonder life is better when hearing loss is treated!

If you think you might be experiencing hearing loss or you notice a loved one might

need help, feel free to call us at 209-275-1657 or send us a message on our “Contact

Us” page and we will be happy to schedule a complimentary  hearing evaluation.  Do not wait another

day to start living your best life!