Making Hearing Health a Priority in 2019

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It has been quite an eventful year and between the Winter Olympics, the royal wedding, and many, many sporting events it seems like time has flown by. We have all celebrated birthdays, had our highs and lows, and gone through each day dealing with life’s little hiccups. But did we all put our hearing health first this year? The chances are that many other things got in the way and hearing health likely got pushed to the back of the line. We are here to remind you how important it is to make your hearing a priority, so here are a few resolutions that may help push hearing health to the front of your mind.

1.Be your best advocate.

Ask for a booth, or a table in the corner of a crowded restaurant rather than one in the middle of the room. Mention your hearing loss to a new person who you are chatting with. Let people know what you need from them in order for you to better understand what they are saying. Do not be afraid to let people in and let them know what you are experiencing. It will be freeing to let go of the fear of judgement and put yourself first!

2.Wear your hearing aids!

This may seem like a simple resolution, and it can be, but this is truly the most significant thing you can do to help your hearing loss in 2019. Resolve to wear your hearing technology as often as possible, even if you are hanging out by yourself! Your brain cannot readjust to being able to hear better if you do no wear your hearing aids on a daily basis. There are so many small, nuanced sounds that our brains need to get used to processing. Wearing your hearing technology is practice for your ears!

3.Toy with new technology.

Like most electronics, there are always new products and technologies being released that make living with hearing loss easier. Whether it is new hearing aids, bluetooth streaming devices, amplified or captioned telephones, we are always happy and open to discuss what is available and which devices would be most helpful to you. We always take your hearing loss, lifestyle, and listening situations into account to come up with the best hearing solutions that are out there for you.

4.Schedule a hearing test.

Haven’t taken the leap yet? At Wesson Hearing Aid Center we make it easy. You can simply schedule a free hearing evaluation to find out where your hearing is at! Even if you do not think that you have hearing loss, it is helpful to have a baseline test. If you do suspect that you have hearing loss, don’t put off having your hearing checked any longer. We look forward to helping you hear better in 2019!