Spread the Word, May Is Better Hearing Month!

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May is Better Hearing Month which means that it is time to examine each of our relationships with hearing health and hearing loss. What could we all be doing to improve hearing health and prevent hearing loss for ourselves and our loved ones? Here are a few things we can all do this month to promote May as Better Hearing Month!

1. Get To Know Hearing Loss

There is a ton of information online and a lot we can do to educate ourselves and our loved ones. If we are fully informed about hearing health, hearing loss, and hearing technology it becomes easier to educate other people. You may wear hearing aids but that does not mean every question is automatically answered. Take some time to really think about what there is to learn and how you can grow in your knowledge. Our blog is packed full of information with articles ranging from hearing health protection, to how diet affects hearing loss, to how it really feels to experience hearing loss, and so much more. These are great resources to grow your base of knowledge so you can better share what you know with others.

2. Communicate With Loved Ones

Share your experience with those that you love. There may be friends or family that are experiencing clear symptoms of hearing loss but they are in denial. The best thing you can do is remove the mystery surrounding hearing loss and tell them your insights since you have been through it! Despite what you may think, people are curious about hearing technology, they might simply be afraid to ask. Don’t forget to let them know that they can always come in for a free hearing evaluation with us! Even if your loved ones are not experiencing any hearing loss, share with them the importance of hearing protection. It is never too early to encourage the little ones to treat hearing health protection like we treat our skin—it’s okay to go out in the sun, just wear sun screen! In the same way, it is okay to go to concerts and listen to headphones but just remember to do it safely and have some guidelines!

3. Use Social Media To Spread The Word

We have incredible tools right at our finger tips each and every day. There is an incredible opportunity to share information and personal experiences like we have never seen before! As a community we can all contribute to removing the stigma that surrounds hearing loss. Let the world know about the positive impact hearing aids can have on communication, productivity, work relationships, mental health, and so much more! Take the opportunity that Better Hearing Month provides to show the world the wonderful truth about hearing health and hearing technology!