Take Back the Holidays from Hearing Loss!

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It’s that special time of year again when holiday cheer is at an all time high, the weather is chillier than it has been in months, and there are many opportunities to attend festive holiday celebrations. While it may be a wonderful time for most to visit with friends and family, some of us out there have difficulty hearing at these gatherings. Hearing loss throughout the holidays can be especially tricky to deal with because this time of year is supposed to be about joy, laughter, and making memories. Instead, the difficulty in communicating with loved ones can lead to days full of stress and anxiety. 

While it may be nice to tune out a few annoying relatives, the loved ones you do want to listen to may be difficult to hear over the noise at parties. It can be impossible to focus on anything that’s being said and these occasions may become far more stressful than enjoyable. There are many factors at odds with your hearing including background music, the chatter from many different conversations, as well as holiday movies and sporting events taking place on television. Your loved ones may need to repeat themselves multiple times so you can hear what they are saying. This begs the question—how can things improve? We have a simple solution—come and see us to get your very own hearing technology.

There have been unbelievable improvements in hearing technology over the past couple of decades. Rather than simply making all sounds louder, modern hearing aids have two functions that can save you at the next family gathering—background noise reduction and speech focus. Instead of making all the sounds of the world louder, modern hearing aids filter out background noise. Older hearing technology consisted of simple devices which had a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker. Sound was picked up, amplified, and directed through the speaker to your ear. Lumping together the vocalization and the background noise created a difficult situation for understanding speech. New digital hearings aids have undergone advancements to overcome this issue. Modern hearing aids still have all the components of the original hearing aids, but they also have something that was missing from the bigger picture—a digital processor. This new piece to the puzzle makes it possible for hearing aids to convert sound into digital information. The hearing technology then uses the digital information to determine different kinds of sounds to make it easier to distinguish important sounds by filtering out the background noise.

The other major step in the right direction for hearing aids was the development of speech recognition. Not only do the digital sound processors make it easier to identify voices, but modern hearing aids also have directional microphones. So while background noises are being blocked out, voices from around the room are being picked up and amplified. This makes it possible to hear your loved ones at large holiday gatherings or during noisy, festive dinners! We encourage each and every person to examine their hearing health this year. If you are having trouble hearing your friends and loved ones, we want you to be able to take back your holiday season! Do not let fear get in the way of enjoying every holiday season connecting with the people you love most. At Wesson Hearing Aid Center we have free hearing evaluations because we want every individual to know his or her hearing status. Do not wait another day to take advantage of the amazing technology we now have at our disposal!