Veterans and the Overlooked Sacrifice of Hearing

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Our veterans have sacrificed a lot to serve our country. While not every soldier sustains serious injuries while enlisted, there are many other health problems these individuals face. One of the most common issues for veterans is hearing loss and hearing related problems. Older veterans are at a special disadvantage, there was a time when the military was not as aware of the importance of hearing protection and that wreaked havoc on the ears of many soldiers. Even with new hearing protection standards, there are still Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) issues all around the country. If you are a veteran, it is vital that you pay special attention to signs of hearing loss.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss While Serving

There are plethora of ways that military members are exposed to loud noises during their time serving. In certain branches, artillery fire during training and on the battle field can be loud enough to cause eardrum ruptures. Asymmetric hearing loss could be caused by individuals who routinely shoot rifles and other guns that are held close to one side of the body.

Members of other branches may be exposed to an inordinate amount of loud noises over the course of their time serving. They may be exposed to jet engines and helicopters, often for prolonged periods of time. While many pilots are provided with ear protection, it may not be enough to completely prevent hearing loss. For others, exposure to noisy carrier decks, vessels and ships can lead to Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

Step Up and Get Hearing Help

If you or a loved one have served our country, one of the number one things to do for your hearing and for your brain is to come in to get your hearing evaluated for free! The unknown can be scary, so welcome you with open arms to come in and get your questions answer. Get a definite answer if you think you may be experiencing hearing loss so you can take steps toward a fuller and healthier life. A professional will be able to help determine the extent of your hearing loss and what sort of hearing technology could work for you.

Over the years, the military has become more informed about the risks of hearing loss for those serving and they have taken steps to provide a more comprehensive hearing protection system. But remember, these measures may not be fool proof. Just because you may have worn hearing protection throughout your time in the service, does not mean your hearing is in the clear. Listen to your body, if you think you may be experiencing hearing issues, come in and get the answers you deserve.

Not only do we celebrate people who have served our country on Veteran’s Day, we celebrate those brave individuals all year long. We are very familiar with veterans who are experiencing some form of hearing loss. It can be scary to come in and there is a lot of denial surrounding hearing loss, but ignoring the issue will only make it worse. Call us today to set up your free hearing evaluation. We would love to hear from you and celebrate your service!