Why Hearing Evaluations Are The New Back To School Necessity

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Back to school season is here! Kids are settling in, meeting teachers, sharing stories about summer with classmates and most importantly gearing up with new school supplies and back to school necessities. Here is why a hearing evaluation should be on that list of school necessities — hearing statistics have gotten much worse. According to The Hearing Health Foundation, 1 in 5 teens has hearing loss and in fact hearing loss is the second most prevalent health issue globally!

With the development of earbuds and other new technologies hearing loss is on the rise and it is important to stay on top of hearing damage. For many children, hearing is checked at birth and not many times after. Yearly hearing checks are not as common as they should be and hearing loss can manifest in a child at any time due to a range of reasons. Kids are exposed to loud noise exposure at assemblies, in the cafeteria, at dances, or listening to earbuds. There are countless ways! And experts in the industry predict hearing loss will only continue to rise.

If you send a child to school with an undetected hearing loss problem it is likely setting him or her up for failure. Learning in school at a young age is hard enough, not being able to hear the teacher is another hurdle to get over. It can be especially difficult for a child because many times hearing loss is a subtle health issue, hence why it is so important to diagnose early on. Mild hearing loss or loss of hearing in one ear can be tricky for a parent or teacher to identify — only a hearing professional can determine exactly what is going on.

There are many reasons hearing loss can occur in children and there are many signs to determine if at any time your child needs to see a doctor. If your child does not respond to his or her name frequently, if he or she often does not follow directions (which can be mistaken for behavior issues), if you child shows no interest in class, or habitually requests to repeat what was said, take your child in for a hearing evaluation so a professional can determine the problem.

The point is, if a child receives proper treatment for hearing loss early on he or she has a much better chance of going on to learn and develop along the way with other classmates. Give your child the best chance! Have your child’s hearing evaluated once a year so it can be made certain he or she can understand what the teacher is saying!