Why It’s Never Too Late for Hearing Technology

Wesson Hearing Aid CenterBlog

Something we have observed at Wesson Hearing Aid Center is that some folks are reluctant to even get tested for hearing loss because they think it is too late to even bother with hearing health. Some individuals believe that since they have been living without hearing aids for years on end, they can simply do without. Some people who are resistant to hearing aids think that too much time has passed and hearing technology cannot make that great of an impact, so why bother. We are here to tell you that is not the reality we have seen with our own eyes.

We believe that it is never too late to invest in yourself! Our team thinks that life deserves to be lived well, and that includes being able to communicate with the people we love the most. From what we have witnessed, it is never a waste of time, energy, or money to get your hearing on track! We want every single person who walks through our door to value their quality of life. Not only can hearing technology simply help with hearing difficulties, there are a few other things that may be affecting your life if you leave hearing loss undiagnosed.

1.Cognitive Decline

Communicating with family, friends and loved ones is important, but the most vital thing that hearing technology can help with is preventing cognitive decline. There have been several studies linking untreated hearing loss to an increased risk of developing dementia and other cognitive functioning issues. The greatest amount of decline seems to affect those who do not wear hearing aids to correct hearing loss.

2.Social Isolation

Besides affecting brain health, ignoring hearing loss may have an effect on behavioral issues. Studies have linked a lack of hearing technology in hard of hearing individuals with anger, denial, isolation, social withdrawal, fatigue, and depression. Feeling disconnected from the world around you may lead to some serious consequences—all of which may be preventable!

3.Decreased Earning Power

If cognitive declines and social isolation are not enough to convince you, there is always the threat of decreased earning power. Research by the Better Hearing Institute found that untreated hearing loss can reduced annual earnings by as much as $30,000. The study also discovered that correcting hearing loss with hearing aids was found to reduce the risk of decreased earnings by over 90 percent for people with mild hearing loss, and almost 77 percent for individuals with moderate-to-severe hearing loss. If you cannot communicate with associates effectively and efficiently, you may be keeping yourself from a greater earning potential.

The point is that you are worth investing in for so many reasons, so if you think you may be experiencing hearing loss please come in to see us. We want folks from all around our community to be living their best lives. Call us or drop by to schedule your free hearing evaluation and remember, you are worth it. It’s never too late!