Basic Hearing Aid Repair Information

hearing aid device inside translucent model ear

The difference that a hearing aid can make to a person’s life is so fundamental that it can be life changing. So, when your hearing aid develops a problem, it can be at best a frustrating experience. The most important thing is to get it back in full working order as soon as possible, and to experience once again the full range of sounds that a working device makes possible. 

A hearing aid, for someone who relies on it for everyday use, is a lifeline in many ways, a passport to enjoyment of the things that mean so much to them in life. So, it is vitally important to be fully in the picture when it comes to getting repairs carried out on your hearing aid – and below are some of the questions worth asking when that time comes.

How Long Will the Repairs Take?

For the duration of a hearing aid repair, the wearer will likely be offered a replacement device to tide them over but there is no doubt that we are more comfortable with things that we have gotten used to, so knowing the duration of a repair is important. Sometimes, it will be possible to complete a repair while you wait and get the device back the same day. In other cases, your hearing instrument specialist (HIS) may need to send the device away for a more specific repair – in which case the process will take longer.

How Much Will the Repair Cost?

A lot of details affect the amount you will be expected to pay for hearing aid repairs. If the device is still under guarantee, you may not have to pay a penny. In other cases, for a more extensive repair on an older device, the price may be at such a level that it is easier and cheaper to purchase a new device. Ask your HIS what the options are before arranging a repair.

What Is the Nature of The Repair?

It is important to know exactly what is being done with your hearing aid when you hand it in for repair. In combination with other information, this detail can be extremely relevant when it comes to other decisions you may make in the future. If similar issues keep developing with different devices, this is something you will want to raise with your hearing instrument specialist to see if there is a reason for the recurrence. It may be that you would benefit from a different type of hearing aid or need to use your current device differently.

Will this Repair Give Long-Term Benefits?

A hearing aid is like any other electronic device in many ways – it has working parts and instructions for use and taking care of it will give you a longer period of effective use. Also like any other electronic device, sometimes a hearing aid can develop issues that will become chronic and require repairs. Sometimes, those repairs will only be able to give a limited period of effective use before a fault develops again. It’s worth asking your specialist for a realistic estimate on whether the repair will hold for a prolonged period – or whether at this point it would make more sense to purchase a more advanced, durable alternative.

Do I Get A Replacement Hearing Aid While Mine Is Being Repaired?

It’s beyond unlikely that your hearing instrument specialist will expect you to go without hearing assistance while your device is being repaired. So, if your hearing aid cannot be repaired on the spot while you wait, it is typical for a replacement to be offered until such time as your primary device is available for use again. It may not be a particularly advanced model, but a device that allows you to hear clearly everything you need to hear will be offered. As with the original device, you will be shown how to use the replacement – and when yours is repaired and ready to be picked up, you can return the stand-in model in exchange for your own hearing aid.

It’s natural to have a lot of questions if you’re in need of hearing aid repairs, and all of those questions should be asked and satisfactory answers given before you hand over your device. If you have suspicions that your hearing aid is in need of repair and want to ask the above or any other question, please feel free to call Wesson Hearing Aid Center at (209) 275-1657 and ask us anything!