Explaining Hearing Loss to Your Loved Ones

Hearing loss isn’t always something that happens instantly or overnight. While this can be the case for some people, most people with hearing loss find their hearing gradually over time, meaning they may not even be aware of how bad their hearing loss is until someone mentions it. As we get older, there is an […]

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How to Know if Your Child Has a Hearing Problem

Hearing loss in children is on the rarer side, about three children in every 1000 born will have some form of hearing loss. This can be in both ears or just one. Because of how little infants can communicate, screenings will occur at birth to ensure their auditory system is working properly. Luckily, regardless of […]

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Minimize Hearing Loss With These Three Basic Steps

After realizing that you have a hearing loss, the first and most basic thing is to avoid further damage. It would help minimize your exposure to any noises that can damage your hearing, and the recommendation is that you don’t expose yourself to noise louder than 85dBs for an extended period. Unfortunately, your hearing loss […]

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Types of Hearing Loss, Risks and Prevention

Hearing loss is not as simple as having trouble hearing sounds. There are many different types of hearing loss, and there are many different factors that can cause it. But what are these types? How can they affect your life? And is there anything we can do to prevent them? Types of hearing loss Hearing […]

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Diabetes and Your Hearing

As many as 30 million people in the United States – that’s more than nine percent of the population, or approximately one in every eleven – live with diabetes. Along with the fatigue that results from the condition, and the effect that it has on appetite, diabetes can also have a demonstrable impact on the […]

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How To Improve Your Social Hearing

Experiencing hearing loss can impact your everyday life in a multitude of ways, from how you communicate with loved ones to completing your job. Hearing is such an important sense, and it’s one that we tend to take for granted these days. So, you need to try to think about what you can do to […]

How does Hearing Loss Lead to Depression?

How does Hearing Loss Lead to Depression?

There are many attendant issues that come along with hearing loss. Anyone who has ever experienced hearing loss will know about some of these, even if it only lasted a short while or was not particularly extreme. One of the most common problems that hearing loss brings about is depression, which is a perfectly understandable […]

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How to know if you’re hard of hearing or going deaf?

Many people experience hearing loss as they get older. In some cases, hearing loss is a side-effect of the natural aging process, but there are also underlying causes that can contribute to temporary hearing problems. If you’ve been having troubles with your hearing, and you think you might be going deaf, here’s a guide to […]