Early Hearing Testing: Why it matters

young girl sitting in hearing specialist's office for evaluation

As a group, human beings have a tendency to put things off, and that’s all the truer when it comes to dealing with our health. This includes our hearing – for many of us, it will take an extreme circumstance to get us to seek out a hearing test or any assistance with a hearing issue.

It’s hard to get people to seek attention for an issue, unless that issue has developed to the point of a crisis. It should go without saying that the sooner you seek attention, the better, but let’s just go through the reasons why it is important to seek out an early hearing test when you detect that something is starting to feel different about your hearing.

It Is Always Better to Have More Information Earlier

You can’t treat an issue you don’t know about – and you can’t reliably treat anything without as much information as possible. So, if your hearing has shown signs of wavering, now is the best time to do something about it. Leaving it for longer without doing anything means a greater chance of the issue getting worse. It also means that options for treatment can be significantly reduced. Taking timely action also means that you will spend less time and money dealing with the side issues that may result from hearing loss.

Hearing Issues Can Have an Emotional Impact

It’s not ideal to experience hearing loss, but the effects of the experience actually go well beyond the physical state of impaired hearing. There is a wealth of credible research showing a higher risk of depression in patients who have impaired hearing – and that this risk is considerably mitigated by finding and wearing the right hearing aid. Booking a hearing test as soon as possible offers you the best chance of having a beneficial outcome on more than one health front.

Hearing Health Is Linked to Cognitive Health

Now, more than ever, the process of ageing is linked in people’s minds with the risk of dementia and other age-related cognitive decline. While it is worth bearing in mind that dementia is only experienced by one in six people over the age of 80, that is still a higher risk than would be ideal. As hearing loss increases, the brain needs to work harder to understand what people are saying and to differentiate various forms of sound. An early hearing test and appointment with a hearing instrument specialist can significantly improve your outcomes when it comes to cognitive health at any age.

Improving Your Hearing Can Benefit Your Balance

At any age, hearing is linked to how well we balance, and younger patients as well as those in older age brackets should be seeking tests for any loss of hearing. However, it’s even more important for older patients, who are also in higher risk groups for bone density loss, to pursue an appointment with a hearing instrument specialist when the need arises. This is because the risk of falls increases with the loss of hearing – and the complications that can arise from a fall can be multiplied for older patients.

Better Hearing Can Result in Better Relationships

Communication is essential for the maintaining of interpersonal relationships, and the ability to hold a conversation with your nearest and dearest is part of this. It becomes a lot harder to hold a conversation if you need to ask someone to repeat what they just said, or if one of you consistently misunderstands what they have heard. Communicating can become hard work, and in some cases, you may find that one or other partner becomes less communicative simply to avoid the frustrations and even arguments that can arise. Getting your hearing tested and trying a new device can give your interpersonal relationships a new lease of life.

There is never a bad time to have a hearing test if you are concerned that you are experiencing hearing loss. However, the best time is always as soon as possible – it vastly increases the range of options you have available to you for treatment, and it means that you can experience positive benefits on all of the issues above, affecting your physical, mental and emotional health for the better. The benefits for your social life and relationships with your nearest and dearest also go without saying, and if you want to know more about the benefits of early hearing tests, then feel free to call Wesson Hearing Aid Center at (209) 275-1657 and have a chat about your options.